eSports & Tournaments

Enter your team to win cash prizes of £10,000+

Team up with your mates in a team of 4 or come on your own and get matched eo enter tournaments for HALO:MCC, COD:AW, FIFA, Minecraft and other daily tournaments!

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Discover new and emerging gadgets and tech at our FREE expo!

With over 70 exhibitors theres plenty to get your hands on and thumbs twiddling, for ALL ages!

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Want to do more than just play games?

Learn how to get involved and develop your skills with the different companies who will be at the expo so you could be the one making the games, not just playing them!

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Are you coming to CITYLAN?

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2 Staplee Way, Parnwell, Peterborough PE1 4YT

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We are expecting well over 600 gamers and teams to attend CITYLAN and with a cash pot of in excess of £10,000 up for grabs it’s definitely an event that you won’t want to miss out on.

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Through CITYLAN we are creating the perfect platform for people to gain a better understanding of industry opportunities, career options all within the digital, IT, coding, design, development and gaming industries.

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Peterborough’s first and largest CITYLAN event, the eSports, careers and technology Expo of the year? It’s a huge event that is on the lips of every tech, Gamer, kid and Parent in Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Whats going on?

Find out more about the tournaments, exhibition, developers and everyone else attending CITYLAN as well as all the events that will be happening during the careers and technology expo as well!

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History. How we got to where we are and our plans..

Our Humble Beginnings.

A chance discussion between Terry Harris & Dave King based on an idea by Luke Harris to improve the LAN scene in Peterborough ended with Dave formulating a plan involving key people around the city. Meeting after meeting presenting our plan convinced them that this was the right time to create CITYLAN and the right city.

Be proud of our City.

By far one the most important meetings was with Marco Cereste and Annette Joyce from the City Council. Presenting their ideas and vision Dave and Terry were met with nothing more than equalled enthusiasm. The Gigabit City vision that Marco and the city has been developing, proved that this was the right thing to do. Now with the full might and blessing of the City Council it was onwards and upwards.

MARCH 2015
What's a Gigabit got to do with it?

Having the City behind them and more meetings around the corner, settling the technological issues and firming up who was key around the city was just as important as the plan itself. Key Businesses involved the Media, Peterborough Telegraph and City Fibre. City Fibre have been nothing but supportive and will present an un-metered 1GB internet connection throughout the event for both the eSports and Exhibitions stands.

APRIL 2015
Kingsgate - The Venue.

KingsGate is one of the largest and best equipped conference centres in East Anglia and the East Midlands. Their modern, hi-tech venue has a 1200 seater Auditorium, large Atrium, a 250 capacity conference suite, with 10 attractive aditional rooms. It was the obvious choice for CITYLAN.

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Exhibitors & Stands

Come see who is coming down!

Details coming VERY soon, keep your eyes peeled for the full list of our 70+ exhibitors, with limited spaces it won't take long to fill, so if you are interested get in touch with us directly at before it's too late!

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Minecraft - Main Stage

Last Updated 24/4 (Keep checking back)

AshDubh - Thur/Fri/Sat 3pm - 4pm | Thur/Fri 8pm - 9pm

That cheesy guy from youtube with 350k+ subscribers. Completely crackers. The real MVC! /o/ #plsifan

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Stephen Reid - Thur/Fri/Sat 2:30pm - 3:30pm | Thur/Fri 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Merging ICT with education. Games-based Learning in arts, culture and heritage. Crafting the past with Minecraft. Parent and Teacher CPD. Gamer & artist.

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All times are subject to change.
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Compete for cash prizes!

CITYLAN are bringing eSports to Peterborough in a new and exciting way. This is the very first time that an event of this sort has been bought to Peterborough and if you’re not already aware of it then why not! have you been living under a rock!!

eSports, also known as electronic sports or competitive gaming is the term we use when we’re shouting about multiplayer video game competitions and get this we’re bringing a wide range of these games to you here, in Peterborough. CITYLAN will include a wide range of eSports such as first-person shooter, sports and world recognized Games all for you!!

We’ll have some brilliant tournaments (with some fantastic prizes) taking place all over the weekend such as COD AW, HALO TMCC, MINECRAFT, FIFA and many more dailies throughout CITYLAN.

Through Twitch we are able to provide live broadcasts of all the best competitions that are taking place live in the eSports Arena at CITYLAN Kingsgate.

We are expecting well over 600 gamers and teams to attend CITYLAN and with a cash pot of in excess of £10,000 up for grabs it’s definitely an event that you won’t want to miss out on so book your Gaming or Team Ticket now.

CityFibre is delighted to announce that Peterborough’s first ever e-sports tournament is being powered by gigabit speed connectivity over the new Peterborough CORE network and along with our superfast LAN this has enabled us to allow you to play against your friends & enemiesat lightning speeds with the best gaming experience around in the UK. You may think you know gaming but as the saying goes “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” A LAN party (no a CITYLAN party) is nothing like playing at home or going round your mate’s house – it’s a 1000 times better and faster, the atmosphere, tension and excitement is extreme. You know when you’ve been to a CITYLAN party, because you won’t want to leave.

The layout of CITYLAN is designed around gamers, to play games, to watch games and to become part of the culture, tension and excitement all around you.

Come along to CITYLAN for an unforgettable weekend that you’ll be talking about with other gamers for years to come, CITYLAN parties will be memorable parties where you can make lifelong gaming friends.

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BYOC Tournaments

Show off your skills!

There's plenty of space to bring your own console (or PC!) and enter our daily tournaments for cash prizes or just to meet up with mates to socialise and play over our 1GB LAN for all three days whilst taking advantage of everything else the expo brings!

project 6

Indie Games & Developers

Showcase of up and coming games direct from their makers!

Why not come and see the newest trending games that will be coming to your consoles or PCs soon!

project 7

Technology & Careers

How you can get involved!


Have you signed up yet? To be part of Peterborough’s first and largest CITYLAN event, the eSports, careers and technology expo of the year? It’s a huge event that is on the lips of every tech-head, gamer, kid and parent(kids have to be supervised!!) in Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounding areas. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should have already got the ticket and just be waiting for the T-shirt!!

CITYLAN is not just about eSports and careers in the digital industry, we are also playing host to a massive range of Technology Companies and professionals for you to meet, chat and learn from, ask that question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to?

Through this year’s CITYLAN you will have the chance to get involved in technology conferencing, enabling debates, networking, business meetings and case studies. Meet local Tech groups such as DPiP – Digital People in Peterborough “Peterborough's digital community for geeks and creative” and Agile Peterborough whose aims are “to build a thriving community of technology advocates to enable local business growth, support local schools, share knowledge and learn from each other” you can and engage in discussions, workshops and demonstrations with them and many more.

One of the main aims of our CITYLAN expo is to provide the business community and consumers with access to the most exciting and emerging technology and Games with a diversity of offerings, products and information from local and international participants, businesses and organisations.

By bringing this event to Peterborough we will show that it is a city that’s leading the way through CityFibre and being the GigaBit City. Peterborough is driving businesses onto the superfast highway making it the perfect place for us to hold our CITYLAN expo.

This three day - 60 hour event will give the people and businesses of Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounding areas a chance to get a taste of what can be done with the latest technology and innovation. Have you put this amazing three day event in your diary yet? If not get your tickets now and book it into your Calendar!


Through CITYLAN we are creating the perfect platform for people to gain a better understanding of industry opportunities, career options all within the digital, IT, coding, design, development and gaming industries. With 1.46 million people employed by digital companies this is definitely an area of interest for many of our target audience of gamers, techs, young people and parents. Whether you are unemployed, employed, a graduate, a seasoned veteran looking for a change in careers or a student new to the industry and workforce, CITYLAN is a superb place to give your career a kick start. This is the first time an event of this type has been brought to Peterborough and it promises to be a huge success with thousands of attendees over the three day event.

CITYLAN Expo will provide you with amazing information, fantastic job resources, insightful discussions and numerous opportunities for employment in an industry that you want to be part of. It’s an unbelievable opportunity to find out just how big the Digital and IT industry really is and your chance of a career in it!!

Our CITYLAN expo offers a job fair to those in and around Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. We are offering an environment of networking, learning, professional interactions, talks, workshops and Q&A sessions across this unforgettable three day event.

We are able to bring together local and national employers within the digital industry, along with organisations and educational institutions who will work with skilled workers and students over the three days to help and offer advice on learning and employment through networking and Q & A sessions.

We are providing a wide range of free workshops and talks to every attendee at the event, while the event is completely free for job seekers and those that are in-between careers. The great thing about CITYLAN is that everyone is welcome to attend and everyone will gain something from the event – there is no age, skills or knowledge restrictions to who can attend and we are keen to get as many different people from as many different backgrounds as possible.

If you are an organisation or company looking to hold an exhibition stand at our event please contact us for further details and to register your interest.

project 8

Retro Gaming

Blast from the past!

Take a trip down memory lane and join The Gaming Gallery, the 16-bit Gaming Community and Andy Taylors awesome retro collection all available to play on!

project 9

Entertainment & Food

Something for the whole family!

From live music and DJs on the main stage to noodle bars and pizzas in the food hall, there will be plenty to eat and see / get involved in so you'll never get bored and create a memorable day for all the family!

  • project 1

    About CITYLAN

    How we got to where we are and our plans.

  • project 2

    Exhibitors & Stands

    Who will be at CITYLAN?

  • project 3


    Main Stage with special guests!

  • project 4


    Enter your team to win cash prizes!

  • project 5

    BYOC Tournaments

    Get a team together and show off your skills!

  • project 6

    Indie Games & Developers

    A showcase of new and upcoming games from the creators themselves.

  • project 7

    Technology & Careers

    Get involved in the expo!

  • project 8

    Retro Gaming

    Have a blast from the past...

  • project 9

    Entertainment & Food

    Something for everyone!

Who Are We?

Meet the team creating CITYLAN.

team 1

Terry Harris


team 1

Dave King


team 1

Luke Harris

Head of eSports

team 1

Gary Lorimer

Director of Sales

team 1

Nick Betts

Head of Marketing

team 1

Warren Burton

Head of Logistics

About Us

All of the CITYLAN team, from directors to volunteers, are approachable, working as a family is important to ensure they create a memorable worthwhile experience. Feel free to contact any member of the team.

Flowing stats

  • Tickets Sold

  • Expected Footfall @ 30,000 so far!

  • Noobs Pwned

  • Coffee & Respawn Count

Join Our Family

Be more than just a volunteer at our events, become a part of our family and a part of our journey!

Play to win prizes of £10,000+ in HALO, COD:AW, FIFA and more!

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What Do You Say?

With backing from the council and interest from all over the country, we aren't the only ones excited!

Our Sponsors


Please see our most popular options below!

eSports Team

  • £220
  • 4x Team passes
  • Free Coach pass
  • Main Stage events
  • Chill-out zones
  • Live music and stage events
  • FREE ENTRY to careers and technology expo

BYOC Day Pass

  • £15/Day
  • 14 hour access
  • 10am to midnight
  • Chill-out rooms
  • Dailies for cash
  • Live music and stage events
  • FREE ENTRY to careers and technology expo

Family of 4 Ticket

  • £35/Day
  • 1 Adult 3 children (u18)
  • 2 Adult 2 children
  • MINECRAFT & Youtubers
  • Workshops / demos
  • Food Village / parent crèche
  • FREE ENTRY to careers and technology expo

More ticket types such as spectator, camping and FREE tickets to the technology and careers expo are available as well!



Keep up to date with the tournament standings, exhibitors as well as news and exciting events that will be happening over the course of the expo!

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